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The Best Fat Burner

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

You want to know what is the best fat burner that works? Start taking into consideration cleaning your environment. What you put into your brain and what you put in your mouth is what makes you.

The environment around us is important to our habits and ability to lose...

group of people getting ready to run

We all are affected about our surroundings. People may or may not notice how their environment affects them, but its influences are still there, including peers.

Healthy, positive peers can influence us to eat right and exercise. If we are surrender to peers to whom everything seems impossible, we may end up feeling the same defeated way. But if our peers are into interesting and self-validating behaviors, they will reinforce our positive and successful habits.

Another aspect of our immediate environment is television...

Television is full of negative and chaotic information. Be judicial and don’t feed your mind trash. We tend to believe what we see, in this case, the negative, untrue, or just sensational but ultimately shallow information. Replacing mindless television for an improving habit such as reading will contribute to the success of our mental growth and physical fitness. Our brain and body will respond to what we feed it: Why feed it trash? Our negative habits and emotions will be replaced gradually by more positive ones as we learn new habits and take on new interests.

What we eat is important to our health...

Overweight kid eating ice cream

The wrong sorts of food contributes to many diseases and illnesses. Since troublesome foods and process foods do exist, it is in our hands to choose the right foods. It can be difficult to cut out all junk food, since the clever manufacturers add ingredients that in fact enhance taste, but we should try to keep healthy snacks and meals on hand, toward off cravings for junk. Unhealthy foods should not be at the reach of our hands at home.

Here are a couple solutions that can be applied to clean our environment:

To clean your negative thoughts and behaviors and replace them with positive ones, you’ll need wean yourself way from peers who think, act, or talk negatively. I choose to surround myself with peers that are like me, who strive for more, are ambitious, help others, and believe that they can do anything they want. I’ll admit, it was difficult to leave old friends who were not progressing, who wanted to stagnant in negative energy, but I might still be like them if as not for my decision to find sources of positive input. So if you want to get a healthy and fit body, stop hanging out with couch potato people.

Don’t get me wrong--there is nothing wrong with them. They just don’t have to be an integral part of your new life. Someday let’s hope that they’ll start doing something positive for themselves.

Replace television for reading...

Besides nourishing your brain with books, you’ll save time and money. Unconsciously, the media affect in our food decisions. If we stay away from thousands of fast food and process food commercial, it will contribute positively in our health decisions. And if you choice a weight loss book by a serious author, you may even beneficiate from it!

The best fat burner is not to buy junk food...


Don’t even come out with the excuse that such food is for your family (kids, husband, sister) because in the end you may be the one to eat it. Don’t go to the grocery store when you hungry. In that state, one can be weak and tempted to buy junk food. If you don’t have it at home, you won’t eat it. Buy foods that are healthy, so when you go the refrigerator, you find something healthy to eat.

It takes an effort to revise our personal environments— whether we’re talking about learning to live without unhealthy, negative “friends,” mindless TV shows, or potato chips, but it is worthwhile in the long run. The new lease on life will be exciting, and you’ll start seeing positive results on your body and other areas in your life as well.


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