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Luck Do Not Exist. Good Luck Is Created By You

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

What would you trust more, luck or good luck? Are you waiting around for luck to come or are you creating good luck?

Years ago I learned that luck does not exist...

Your chance to get lucky is less than getting struck my a lightning

I read this specific book that explains how luck works. Luck can exist, but the possibilities for luck to happen to you are so little that really do not exist. For example, to win the lottery is close to impossible. It is easier to get struck by a lighting than win the lottery. And people, who win the lottery, usually lost all the money in a couple of years. In other words, you can wait all your life hoping to get lucky.

That leaves you with option number two. Good luck works different. Good luck is the addition of circumstances with opportunity. Here I am going to explain more about it.

There are some rules that you should follow to get good luck:

1. Luck does not last long because you have no control over it. Good luck is created by you. Therefore it can last forever.

Many people decide to get liposuction with the hope of never gaining weight again. A couple years later, they have regained all the weight they lost with surgery. They do not have control over their weight.

If by coincidence you got lucky, the change to get lucky again is close to impossible. Have you hear of someone who won’t the lottery twice? Good luck is about you creating all the circumstances necessary to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way.

2. Many people want to have good luck, but there are just few people who really work for it.

I believe this is the reason why many people opt to believe more in luck (just waiting with no work to do) than in good luck which it requires work. People think that they will permanently lose weight with a pill or surgery instead of really putting the work such as eating healthy and exercise.

Surgery tools
Many people who do liposuction gain the weight back.

The same with happens with people who buy lottery tickets. They spend money in lottery tickets hoping to win it. They are not willing to put the effort and patience to become financially free.

3. If you don’t have good luck, it is maybe because the circumstances are the same. To get good luck, you need to try something new and create new circumstances.

If you are exercising and eating junk, and you can’t lose weight, maybe you need to stop eating junk food.

If you are working hard and not saving money and still poor, maybe you need to save money. You need to create new circumstance to get new results.

4. Creating circumstance does not mean to think selfish. It means creating circumstances that benefits other people.

If you are planning to lose weight, why don’t you do it with a person who wants to do the same? Having an accountability partner will yield better results. You can support her and she can support you.

I am buying a condo to rent it. The previews other did not invest money into the condo. That act made the condo trashy and old. The tenants have to deal with all the inconveniences that and old building brings. One of the reasons why I want to buy it is because I do want to profit from it, but I also want to make the condo a better place for people to live there.

A nice bedroom
Improve things for others, so both can benefit from the transaction.

Many times the problems of others are the solution to our problems. Think how you can benefit from the transaction, but is as equal as important to think how the other person will benefit from it as well.

5. If you leave the creation of circumstances for tomorrow, you may never get good luck. To create circumstance you need to act. Start today.

Many times we are afraid of taking first steps and other times simply we are lazy. I have been in both. The cure for fear is simply action and to stop procrastinating the same is true. Create a plan for your future now. You can read, hire a mentor or ask successful people where to start.

If you create the circumstance for weight loss, you will lose weight. All you need to do is take the first step.

6. Many times with all the circumstances needed, we still don’t have good look. Keep looking in the smallest detail. Sometimes those details are what catalyzed good luck.

I see many of our members at Custom Body Fitness doing their best with their eating and exercise. They weight loss is minimum. Sometimes, the birth control or their psychotropic drug is the reason why their weight loss is slow. Once they stop taking such people. They start losing weight faster.

One of the things I learned about investing money is to make sure to turn all the tones. No matter how prepared I think I am, I continue looking for extra things I can do.

7. Whoever believes in chance, creating circumstances sounds stupid. People who spend their time creating circumstances don’t worry about chances.

People who think that weight loss is an event instead of lifestyle, opt to get liposuction, take weight loss pills and many diet instead of putting the hard work. They think that people who are in shape are special and have a high metabolism and they have good genes.

The same is true with successful. They are successful thanks to the hard work they put in to create the right circumstances.

8. No one can sell you good luck. Good luck is not for sell. Do not trust who wants to sell you good luck.

Have you seen those commercials where people are ripped only by taking such shake, wearing a bell, getting into a sauna, or taking specific supplement?

The same happens with money. Have you seen all those YouTube commercials where people are driving Ferraris, have mansions by the sea and hot women all over the sense trying to sell you the next multimillionaire business?

They are selling you a lie, Do not trust them.

Sports car
Question the image

9. When you have created all the circumstances, do not give up, continue with your goal. Be patience. So you can have good luck, have faith.

After many people start the right weight loss program, I have seen many people jumping from program to program, trying different supplements, doing different diets and trying many products. They do not know how to be patient. They don’t have faith in what they are doing. I like to tell all of our members our basic rules, to trust the process and be patient.

The sample principals I apply in my investments. I learned, create circumstances, I have faith and I am patient.

10. To get good luck you need to prepare circumstances to meet opportunities and opportunities always come.

You can start losing weight anytime you want and be financially free; all you need to do is create the right circumstances in your life.

In other words practice the right habits for weight loss and money making.



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