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Losing Weight Is Easier When You Sharpen The Saw

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

I get things done faster when I sharpen the saw...

Tree being cut down

Have you heard about “sharpening the saw”? If you sharpen the saw, losing weight becomes much easier for you. I used to work for a tree service company, taking down 50-foot trees and cutting them up.

When the saw was sharp, the job was fast and easy. Sometimes I would work with a dull saw. Thinking that it would be faster if, I continued working with it instead of taking time to sharpen it. Once the saw got dull, it required more physical energy and time to do any cutting. I couldn’t finish the job.

I had wasted time and energy, and I would have to stop and sharpen the saw to finish the job anyway. It would take around 15 minutes to sharpen the saw. But it would save me hours of work, energy and effort in the long run, making me more efficient.

Our mind works the same way. We are so stressed out with getting through life that we don’t take the time to “sharpen the saw.” We work and do our daily routine without thinking or having a goal. Or if we have one, we don’t even know if it is what we really want. We don’t take the time to consider if we are doing what we want and if it makes sense in our lives.

This is “sharpening the saw”: to take time to learn, contemplate and make better decisions in our lives.

Losing weight is not a secret anymore...

interrogation sing

When people ask me for the “secret” to losing weight they usually don’t anticipate my answer, and they come up with their own answers. But they haven’t sharpened the saw. They want to lose weight, but they don’t understand why they can’t.

They consider lack of time, lack of money, lack of discipline, enjoying bad foods, eating too much, being too tired by the end of the day to exercise and so on. They think if they had more time they would be able to exercise.They think if they had more money, they would have more time and money to exercise. They think if they only had access to better foods, they would lose weight.

Those reasons are not the true cause of their weight problem. If they had more time, they would just work more. If they had more money, they would buy more things, get more into debt, and then work more to pay off the new debt or to get more money. If they had access to healthier food, they would still choose the cheapest foods available.

Get answers to your busy life and start losing weight...


The true cause of their problem is that they have not stopped to sharpen the saw. They have not stopped to think. What is it that I really want? Is working so many hours more important than my health or worth gaining weight? If I made more money by working longer hours, would I have time to enjoy myself?

Where is it that I’m being negligent in my life: my marriage, my health, my family, my mind, my spirit, my knowledge? Do I dedicate 80% of my day to work, 15% to trivial things and 5% to the things that matter? Is my life what I want it to be? Is this my dream? Am I happy with my body? Can I do something to improve my health?

Losing weight is easier when you stop and sharpen the saw...

When we stop and sharpen the saw. We get answers to our questions and direction in our lives. We understand that time is not the problem; therefore, the solution is not making time. We also understand that money is not the end but a tool to be used to meet our real needs. We understand that healthy foods have always been around, but we were not aware of it. We understand that we have neglected our body, and the only way to lose weight is to pay the price.

Once we sharpen the saw, there are no more excuses and our motivation to start losing weight is not superficial anymore and losing weight is easier that way.


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