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If You Hurry, You May Lose Your Path to Health

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I went hiking with one of our members who has seen great results. He went from 30% body fat to 17% body fat. It took him only 8 months to lose that fat. We have studied his pictures, and it’s obvious how unhealthy and unhappy he used to look compared to the new picture.

Men hiking

He is an overachiever...

I recognize the overachievers, of course, for the effort they put into their program, and because, for them, what they do is not enough. They want to do more.

He has changed his way of eating, stopped drinking and become very active. There is not much he can improve now. Of course, there are always small improvements that can be done such as a cleanse or detoxification. However, if he continues doing what he is doing, results will continue coming his way. Results are inevitable. He will continue increasing his muscle mass because of his dedication to his weight training, and he will continue losing fat because he eats healthily.

As we were hiking, the question came up: What else can I do to get to 11% body fat? Because he is an overachiever, I was expecting this question from him, so I told him, “All you have to do now is be patient. You will get there soon.

Could he really do something else?

Bunch of pills

Yes. He could take steroids, but I advocate health, and drugs come with serious negative consequences. He could diet, but dieting is only for the moment, and soon people end up where they started or get even fatter. He could spend more time at the gym — instead of exercising for only an hour at day, he could spend 3 hours. But that means he would need to take time from other areas of his life.

There are many things he could do that are not the best choice. I mean, unless he is competing or his career is bodybuilding, I don’t see the need to spend so much time in the gym or to jeopardize his health with drugs.

Our member is not a bodybuilder, and he is not competing. He has a successful business, a united family, he is financially free and he has a lot of dreams to accomplish. To be able to continue taking care of his business and keep his family united, and achieve his dreams, he needs time and energy.

We often want to get to our goals as fast as possible...

And, by doing that, we forget that results take time and patience. If you plant a seed and you are looking forward to the fruit, you know that you need to water it, take care of it, remove weeds from your garden and wait for the sunshine. That is the process, and then all you need is time. If you over water the seed, or expose it to more light or heat than it needs, or you remove the good insects from the soil, you are going to kill your plant.


You can’t go to the gym for 9 hours one day and expect to be in shape the next day; or eat healthily or fast for one day and expect to be toned the next day. What it takes is a series of changes that you need to do every day as a lifestyle, and then one day you’ll see results in the mirror.

Once you’re already taking your path to health, don’t get desperate, you may lose the path...

Results will come thanks to the changes you have already made. All you have to do is be patient with the process. Trust the process. It has delivered results before, it should continue to deliver results.

Health is only one part of your life. It is not your life. When you start taking your path to health, results will show up. All you need to do is to be patient.


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