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* Are you ready to drop those unwanted pounds of pesky body fat to feel your absolute best? *

Join Our Exciting Weight Loss Challenge

Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down

Transform Your Body. Boost Your Energy. Increase Your Strength!
And Compete to Win Some Truly Amazing Prizes! 

10 spots available !

Sign in deadline: July 12th.

weight loss challenge
The Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down Challenge
Begins July 17th and ends August 11th
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The Path That You Encounter In Your Weight Loss Program

If You Could Achieve Dramatic Results Just
Like the Men and Women Below...

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gym carbondale
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Confront Your Thoughts to Get Better Weight Loss Results_
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Would You Be Willing to Take on The Challenge?
Fat blasted! Muscles toned! Energy levels better than ever!
weight loss challenge
Introducing The Fun, Exciting & Challenging Way
Melt Away Body Fat & Feel Your Very Best!
What’s Is the Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down Anyway?

The Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down is a 27-day challenge for both men and women of all ages who want to lose weight, tone their bodies, and feel better than ever before. During this guided challenge, we’ll combine the proven power of fitness, diet, goal setting and more to help you achieve the results you desire and deserve. to
Melt Away Body Fat & Feel Your Very Best!

If you’re a MAN, maybe you want to…


Eliminate stubborn belly fat that you can’t seem to get rid of

Tone up your entire body and pack on more defined lean muscle

Boost your own energy and stamina levels so you can feel better


If you’re a WOMAN, maybe you want to…


Melt off the pesky fat on your hips and thighs once and for all

Finally feel and look better when you step in front of the mirror

Tone up your entire body – including your arms, legs and belly

weight loss challenge
What’s Included in the Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down?


During this 27-day challenge, we’ll take into account your body and end goals, and then determine the specific eating and exercise behaviors that’ll give you the MAXIMUM benefits and results. 


Here’s what you’ll get when you join the challenge…


A Personalized Body Composition Assessment

This is a skinfold assessment where we’ll quickly determine your current
body fat percentage when you start the challenge. It’ll allow us an easy way
to measure your end results when the challenge is complete.


Setting Specific Goals That You Want to Achieve

We’ll help you determine and set specific (yet realistic) weight loss goals that’ll
work best for you. These goals can be based on percentage of body
fat lost, or the number of pounds of body fat lost.


Fully Tailored Eating & Exercising Behaviors

We’ll write down the specific eating and exercise behaviors you need to follow
to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. You’ll also g
et access to a tailored
eating plan based around your specific needs and desires to lose weight.


Unlimited, In-Group Fitness Training + Workouts

During our fitness training, you’ll have the opportunity to work out with other
friendly and supportive people who are also taking part in the challenge. This is a
great way to keep you motivated and make some friends at the same time!


Don’t Forget About the Amazing Prizes
We’ll Be Giving Away to The Winners!


At the end of the 27-day challenge, we’ll determine who did the best to achieve their goals. We’ll narrow down all participants to the top three and give out the following prizes to the winners:

1st Place Prize - 2 yearly passes to Iron Mountain Hot Springs

2nd Place Prize - 2 tickets to Vaudeville Revue

3rd Place Prize - 2 CBF t-shirts or tank tops


What Everyday People Are Saying About
Our Fitness & We
ight Loss Challenges…

Get Yourself Registered Right Now For a
One-Time Low Entry Fee of Only $120


Only 10 Spots Available!

Signup Deadline: July 12th







The Dynamic Duo Fat Melt Down Challenge
Begins July 17th and ends August 11th.

weight loss challenge

We get your baseline in the starting assessment and your final results in the ending assessment. Without the assessment we cannot get any data to assess your weight loss achievements in the challenge. If you miss your beginning or ending assessment, you are automatically disqualified.

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